Saturday, October 18, 2008

Is ignorance a form of Poverty?

"Dearth of wisdom is dire destitution. Other forms of poverty the world deems are less impoverishing." So said a great thinker 2000 years ago. This led me think if Ignorance is indeed a form of poverty as is being thought. Defining to start ignorance itself maybe a first step to address this issue I thought. Contrary to popular myth "Ignorance is bliss" I start with a simple definition "Ignorance is diminished learning of mind due to sheer laziness to seek knowledge".
What can be the consequence of ignorance...suffering of different degrees for sure. The bad part of ignorance will be self inflicted suffering.
Comfort of ignorance is quite compelling as for example if we see people moving out of conversations they think is too high level for them-it is because they think this is not a topic for some small talk. The best part is half knowledge people are the ones who are most verbose which makes another problem-is half knowledge also a form a ignorance. Answer is maybe but it is better than who have no clue. I think the amount of non prescription drugs sold over the counter is maximum in countries like India and there is 20% chance that there are some unwanted side effects as the buyers act as though they are doctors. But there is 80% chance they avoided a visit to doctors and saved both money/time. Though some doctors will sternly object I don't see a big problem here, if ethically the half knowledgeable Pharmacist is having no problems dispensing the medicines to the self styled doctor customers.
Internet gives a good opportunity to learn...however most of us get diverted to trivial non related topics as we search. How much to learn, what to learn is entirely upto motivation of individuals but if we are not making a conscious effort to learn we are feeding ignorance is something we should recognize. With elections in India everyone knows there will be a multiparty government but this does not change behaviours of voters...therefore if Politicians believe that stable, one party is a strong point they are living in a world of ignorance.
If someone believes that after killing of Prabhakaran Srilanka will become nice to Tamils and Tamils will accept their second class citizen status to live on-they also live in ignorance.
Ignorance does ofcourse help to reduce stress in several cases but this is a temporary relief as I think Ignorance is Sin and will catch up with the sinners following the circle of life.

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