Friday, February 13, 2009

Belief or interpretations!

There are times when we have to face challenging questions about beliefs which have become part of us by the religion we are born, the culture we were brought up or the experiences we have had.
In most cases a natural reaction to the situation is a Closed one with remarks varied from a very aggressive "Will you shut up or stop hurting others with your bully questions" or a more subtle " Maybe you have a point. But I am comfortable with my beliefs and therefore see a need to argue with you who has a contra belief".
Whatever the reaction is, for sure we have recognize it is not the belief that gets challenged but it is more the interpretations.
Yesterday I had an interesting discussion when a Swedish lady approached me and asked "Do you know this Indian Book called G...I...T..A." I said "Sure..It is the holy book of Hindus". She was taken aback. She said "No, no it is about resolution of personal conflicts as there is good and bad within oneself. I am not sure there is any religion to this". I was a bit puzzled and went into more details on where she got this inference. Then she told me about Yoga classes she attends where they also discuss this book. Her Teacher uses a lot of quotes from Gita to ensure that the students have some connection back to soul. She believed that the book is not about Hindu religion but about realizing oneself.
I had a choice-to leave her with that impression or introspect my belief.
I decided to do the later.
For sure who wrote GITA under what circumstances etc are important but the more important is the how the contents are interpreted. The first one is build on beliefs and second based on the objectives fulfilled for receiver. How many people in India live by Gita? Maybe less than 1% of population. If this is the status in the country which believes in Lord Krishna how can I expect any other country to share same belief. The objective of Gita is to bring peace in oneself and as long as this is achieved by interpretations I think there is only good purpose achieved. Afterall Global world is missing the spiritual connection which can be provided by all Holy books and Gita is one of them. To claim superiority of religion, belief is for sure more fanciful for politics but for individuals what matters is self realisation. If interpretations are able to guide this than blind belief then let it be so.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Introvert or Extrovert!!

Personality can be categorized into different ways and everyone is keen to know it from different angles as it is about themselves (who cares more about anything than self). One simple classification which one starts talking even in casual parties is Introvert/Extrovert. It is quite simple as the name indicates-a view if one is too much focussed on himself/herself or is a gregarious kind. I recently had a question from a friend who had less than 10 people networked in his LinkedIn compared to my more than 500-He said you are a real you make friends so easily. Again numbers don't indicate how much friends you have but with how many people you can truly share your feelings indicates this.
There is a lot of times as a matter of over simplicification Extroverts are made equal to be being more friendly than Introverts(like my friend above). It is the greatest myths that I want to discuss(I have more experience now as most Swedes will probably fit in the defintion as Introverts as per Global standards and I have been with them for more than 2 years now).
Let us go step by step into building of this myth:
1) Extroverts are able to start a conversation and smile their way into the hearts. They are very comfortable with strangers (more comfortable than with friends) and break the ice with ease. All this make them approachable and able to discuss on any topic as they strive to find a match...all are good signs of good friends. Right----Wrong I say. And why?
Extroverts are no doubt good at all the things mentioned above. But they are more floaters in most cases. They don't want to touch controversial issues or force decisions. In most cases they compromise to avoid uncomfortable situations. In other words they look at ploughing the field as wide as possible not as deep as possible. For an outsider it will look very impressive as the soil has been tilled at all places around the field. But is it good for the seeds to grow with roots set in firmly? Obviously not(for sure grass/weeds can grow better). Even if the field is tilled for a small area but deeper this when seeds get roots and grows healthy. Introverts are the ones who focus on fewer and smaller set of people but become genuinely attached to them. They cannot hide their emotions in their faces which is a strength rather than weakness. Therefore makings of a true friend is always in an introvert than an extrovert.
2) Introverts are uncomfortable in parties, get togethers and try to look for a corner to hide. Extroverts are loud and make the party memorable to all as they entertain themselves by entertaining others. This is indeed true. But party is not life. We can have party like pickle for food but can it be the food itself.
Therefore to feel extroverts are better than introverts itself is a feeling of depression which probably has been triggered by extroverts to make them feel one up against others. Introverts should feel proud about what they stand for and should live with what is most comfortable to them without getting distracted.
This does not mean that Introverts cannot be extroverts sometimes in life and vice versa. Actually I have always been comfortable being an Introvert the personality I was when I was till I joined college. Ragging does strange things to Teen age pride and it did bring in a change in me. I changed but try to retain the core of being introvert.
Therefore if anyone has debates on this topic let us be clear in our thinking. Live the life as we like it. Change only if you truly like the change. Else be what you are comfortable with as the world has enough possibilities to accomodate diversity.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ice is melting!!

Every day is new day as long we are able to live with a spirit of fresh energies. However we suffer from continuity and experiences-if positive it is good but most of the time it appears to be negative. We should recognize that "Today's solutions which fix yesterday's problems are actually tomorrow's problems". One important discussion is around Global warming. I thought it is apt to have a point of view on this to put this discussion in perspective.
When you watch the movie "Ice Age" you hear a comment " I hate Ice...I will vote for global warming". It may look like a joke but this is part of philosophy of life. What we have too much is something which is a perceived problem. If you have too much wealth it is a problem, if you have too much anger it is a problem. if you have too much food it is a problem etc. How much is too much is very relative...but coming back to the topic on "Ice is melting".
Scientists have long said that economic activity of man (a pseodonym for Greed of man) has accelerated the process of global warming. There were always champions who pushed this away and said Scientists exagerate things. After 20 years atleast a lot of the population is convinced indeed it is and everyone wants to do something about this. But the timing is not right as per a few as the economic growth is tilted towards West and putting restrictions when new economies are just trying to establish is too partial. US which has a significant share of the Global warming has so far not put into action any tangible measures to reduce its warming actions.
There have been a lot of species which became extinct from the time Universe was created. Blame has been taken by unknown asteroids etc. So why not for a change it be a known Human?
The difference is how the death happens-if there is an accident and some people die sure it is painful but not prolonged. People who lived after the Hiroshima/Nagasaki are standing proof of what a prolonged suffering can do. Global warming is similar to a cancer where the suffering is longer and death is slower. The sinners will get away with awards and recognition (like US celebrated the win over Japan)but the next generations will slowly and silently die. It will start with the polar creatures for sure but it does not take long to reach the humans.
So if we are casual and think Ice is melting-let us remember it is not the ICE but Life which is melting. Greed is the fuel for this fire and if we everyone consciously reduces consumption then this fire has lesser power. Let us take some simple steps in life to make a difference. Read Gandhi's life for more emulate him in someways will make a difference to the world.

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