Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Being a Trojan Horse!

Trojan Horse signifies the innovation of strategic thinkers to win war in a prolonged deadlock situation. While the focus is on winning by exploiting the curiosity of the human nature and celebrating success prematurely I thought it will be apt to look at the situation from the point of view of Trojan Horse itself. (Today several smart Viruses enter computers using Trojans breaking the firewalls and sit in computers waiting to attack. I will not know how the those Trojans feel though).
"I felt good when I was being built as taking birth is a happy event. There were smart people around me who decorated me and said that the more smarter I look, the more certain they are to win. Then they went into their tents and came back with 20 of their bravest men and said from now you are part of this horse. I was happy as to have these brave hearts inside you is a matter of pride. They seemed very motivated and I got the same motivation having them in. What is the noble task I have to perform was the question that excited me to stay awake. Then I found all the army pack up and walk out to the boats. The whole place was empty. I wanted to shout -you have left us here. But the heart beats of the men inside me made me feel good. Maybe there is an adventure pending said my head. It was afternoon and I found the gates of the city near opening and a few men walking out to watch me. They signalled with their trumpet and soon there was a rush of young, old,women and children wanting to see me. Some people said "This was the gift for their persevarance", some said " This is a momento of their victory". I wanted to tell them as long as you praise me I am fine. I also have some people inside me. But no-one bothered to check me as they were celebrating. I liked their dances around me. Since I had wheels some men dragged me into the city. I felt happy to be inside the city rather then on the shores of the sea which made me cold. The celebration continued till late with drinking and dancing. I felt bored after sometime. But I was woken by the movement of the men inside me. One by one they got down and with swords started to run towards the gate. They killed everyone on the way and opened the gates. There was a rush of army who came in and then what I say was blood and cries. I was terrified and felt sorry. But nobody bothered about me. There was just agony and pain. I was responsible for all this. I gave them happiness to steal happiness.... this thought made me feel depressed. But next day the winners came to me and said-you made the victory possible and danced around me with happiness. I did not know if I was born for this-to alternate between happiness and sorrow. I decided I will not be depressed with such events as I am a dead wood, a toy. Why should I take the blame for being a toy of happiness to some, vengenace to some, strategy to some, victory to some and betrayal to some. I signify everyone's life and if you realize me in your life you may realize God."

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