Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chaos is order!

Everyday we face situations which are part of learning either reinforces what we already know or contradicts what we think we know. With reinforcement we are perfectly ok as we are comfortable. But when contradiction happens we behave differently-we either ignore this as a one off or try to be on justification mode. This is common to most but some try to learn from such contradictions by accepting Chaos is Order. When there is a rule and rulers are checking your behaviour with respect the rule you may turn out to be a rebel. But when Rebels start ruling you turn out to be hero. This is a fact-not a contradiction. Chaos is not a fearful event-in fact it will be needed when we stagnate. The challenge is to create this chaos is a systematic way-diplomats usually are afraid to create chaos as it is against their comfort zone. Random Chaos is waste of energy as there is no pattern to it. Impulsive Chaos is self destructive as there is no plan to it. Planned Chaos is the best as the Leader drives this with an end in mind. He challenges the equilibrium with a hope to create new equilibrium. The leader may run a risk of being thrown out due to this (like Gorbachev) but he still thinks it is required for the greater well being.
This Order in Chaos is also part of creation of Universe as God plays the role of Chaos creator.
There are people who complain about small things starting from my wife does not respect me to I feel a vacuum of why I exist....but if you want to discover yourself try to look at Order in Chaos in your own life. You can decipher the truth much better and live your life as though today you were born without looking forward to anything. This is not easy but one should strive to take lesser carry forward stresses in this fast forward world.

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