Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Logically illogical!

Smart Students are known to win arguments using logic. This is true for brightest brains in Management schools who show their prowess in case discussions. The conviction with which the argument is presented and the contextual references with communication style will totally convince everyone that this is the argument of the day. With collars up the (covering the seemingly projecting brain from back of the head) day ends with reflection on how the whole class was directed by the statements for the young brain. This fuels more such interventions which the others tolerate accepting a Logical dominance to this brainy organism.
Coming out of the school the success rate of such specimens is not that impressive. Reason being sense of belief " I know everything" with an inbuilt arrogance "I can manage any situation with my supreme brain" creates a fantastic poison for disaster. Who is to blame for the failure-fellow classmates, professors or the system? Not really. Knowledge seeker should be worthy to seek Knowledge-else he fills the brain with emptiness which fills his ego but does not open the keys of success automatically. Pride is the first sign of Hollowness. Talking too much is the second sign. Shooting from hip is the third sign. Artificial attitude (talking from mouth not heart) is the fourth sign. Self trumpet is the fifth sign. If you see this five symptoms in someone you can safely conclude you have met the star who will be mistaken for Sun in interviews-later found as a sin of the interviewers by company. However the inherent survival instincts of Darwin do apply for these people as they jump from company to company with promotions as they indeed shine in interviews.
It is logically illogical to recommend this. Displaying high energy for a long time is deception. This only shows that a person is trying to be Super human. Therefore in interviews if someone masks their weakness as an implied strength to the job they seek... just ignore them. You will avoid a sin from being committed as usually it takes a year to find that the person you choose was worthless.


Shiv said...

I liked this post. But having said that, isn't this commonplace to sell a strength as a weakness in most interviews?

From what little I have observed, "My biggest weakness is that I tend to be a perfectionist" is accepted more than "I cannot manage my time efficiently".

Both mean the same.

Shiv said...

I personally agree with what you have posted. :)

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