Sunday, September 28, 2008

Puristic Capitalism !

The bail out plan for the faltering economy is passed in US. There is a hue and cry that this is against the spirit of Capitalism as it ensures Oxygen for failed species in business world.
While China and Russia dropped their socialistic/communism philosophies to have a flavor of capitalism then everyone was happy. It is an enough proof that Capitalism is the only economic model that will survive long term said a lot. India was blamed for years for taking a middle path and the real economic engine kicked off when it opened up competition a real indicator of Capitalistic philosophies. Sure there is enough proof that Capitalism stretches performance and non performers perish. But that is if Politics and country administration does not exist.
Real world is different. Language passion, belief that their own culture is different and unique (in most cases better than several other) etc drives people to make short term compromises in philosophies to tide over a short term crisis. Is this bad? Not so much as projected to be. Man takes extra effort to preserve species which are becoming extinct (while some are due to activities of man but some are not...these species have not efficient enough to survive if we look at philosophy of puristic evolution). They are protected for some years it the population becomes good enough and then they pass the natural survival path. For sure to compare the present bail out to this is a sin. As the crisis is not due to inefficiency of environment but greed of few who acted responsibly only to short term gains(personal) and blinded others into believing the future is rosy. This bail out sends a signal to such foolish risk takers to continue with their blind run risking a lot of sincere entrepreneurs.
However coming back to the point-Is a pure form of any philosophy possible in economy? My answer is no. Philosophy takes bends when confronted with practicality and it still survives in a new form. China, Russia, India, Brazil are some successful examples. Don't confuse human rights to capitalism as some tend to do. World is more complex than it was. Maybe it is time to allow this evolution than dissecting the philosophy breaches. For sure the blind runners should be treated with fire as these species spoils lives of so many across the world...why have mercy on them? Bush has started a bush fire now and sure it will be a forest fire for the next incumbent. But in the process if US becomes a lesser power isn't good for the whole world? Time for new cycle of power/politics.

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