Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ice is melting!!

Every day is new day as long we are able to live with a spirit of fresh energies. However we suffer from continuity and experiences-if positive it is good but most of the time it appears to be negative. We should recognize that "Today's solutions which fix yesterday's problems are actually tomorrow's problems". One important discussion is around Global warming. I thought it is apt to have a point of view on this to put this discussion in perspective.
When you watch the movie "Ice Age" you hear a comment " I hate Ice...I will vote for global warming". It may look like a joke but this is part of philosophy of life. What we have too much is something which is a perceived problem. If you have too much wealth it is a problem, if you have too much anger it is a problem. if you have too much food it is a problem etc. How much is too much is very relative...but coming back to the topic on "Ice is melting".
Scientists have long said that economic activity of man (a pseodonym for Greed of man) has accelerated the process of global warming. There were always champions who pushed this away and said Scientists exagerate things. After 20 years atleast a lot of the population is convinced indeed it is and everyone wants to do something about this. But the timing is not right as per a few as the economic growth is tilted towards West and putting restrictions when new economies are just trying to establish is too partial. US which has a significant share of the Global warming has so far not put into action any tangible measures to reduce its warming actions.
There have been a lot of species which became extinct from the time Universe was created. Blame has been taken by unknown asteroids etc. So why not for a change it be a known Human?
The difference is how the death happens-if there is an accident and some people die sure it is painful but not prolonged. People who lived after the Hiroshima/Nagasaki are standing proof of what a prolonged suffering can do. Global warming is similar to a cancer where the suffering is longer and death is slower. The sinners will get away with awards and recognition (like US celebrated the win over Japan)but the next generations will slowly and silently die. It will start with the polar creatures for sure but it does not take long to reach the humans.
So if we are casual and think Ice is melting-let us remember it is not the ICE but Life which is melting. Greed is the fuel for this fire and if we everyone consciously reduces consumption then this fire has lesser power. Let us take some simple steps in life to make a difference. Read Gandhi's life for more enlightment...to emulate him in someways will make a difference to the world.

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