Sunday, March 22, 2009

Art of Crisp communication!!

Communication is always an under and over rated animal. We always hear in meetings on why a change project failed to take off-the animal to blame is Communication. There are also circumstances where relationships/projects fail due to over communication but most of the times this animal escapes from criticism. Therefore it is clear that communication by design is critical and a fine balance is required to manage this animal.
To say that make only 5 slide presentations, limit each slide to 5 sentences etc are good guidelines but not necessarily fit all remedy. The fact when to communicate and when to shut up is very situational makes communication an art than a science. Great leaders who were able to transfer hope and faith through their commitment and communication have mastered this art while we commoners always struggle with this.
Some time non verbal cues are more effective communication tools than verbal. Seasoned leaders and Managers are able to effectively mask this non verbal cues making it more difficult for others to read them. Having said this the positive energies remain with great said in Thirukural " The Speech Artist is never tired and afraid, to defeat him is next to impossible". In Ramayan Hanuman (the Monkey God) is portrayed as this Speech Artist by Kambar.
When he finds Sita and comes back to inform this to Ram, knowing the anxiety and depressed state Ram is in-he breaks the grammar rules-starts a sentence with a verb. Seen the epitome of Chastity, with my eyes is what he says. Why with eyes? By saying this he forces Ram to look into his eyes which is gleaming with confidence. This part is called Sundara Kandam as this is when Sundaran(means a beautiful person-refering to Hanuman-beautiful with his communication)brings back confidence to Ram to wage the war over Ravan.
Is there crisper communication to do this? Maybe. But with such a topic I have already exceeded the limit of Crisp communication I think.

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