Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting Lucky!

There are a lot who believe that luck has a crucial part in one's success. There are reasons to believe indeed it is. After a lot of hard work if the results are not achieved or we don't get what we desired then what else can be at fault than luck. The aspect of luck is said to fostered by some of the older religions/cultures in the forms of astrology, numerology, pleasing demi-gods etc. The huge following in China for Feng-shui (the Indian equivalent of Vastu) is a good example of how one can increase chances of being lucky.
I recently watched the movie called "Kungfu Panda" as it is the kids movies that interest me even after spending 40 years in this earth.
The movie has a core message given by the Great Master (who is a Turtle-the slowest creature is the master of Kungfu which is the fastest reflexive sport) "There are no accidents". Basically the message is "To believe in Fate/Luck is a good short term escape but everything has a purpose is the core philosophy". Why is it different from normal approach to believing in luck or not being lucky...the approach is to take life as it unfolds. Don't judge at every stage and be happy or unhappy. Let success not go into your heads and failures into your hearts. Very simple and effective way to avoid stresses of success and failures. Nirvana is a state when you reach an ego position where nothing bothers you-the position you are, the position your friend or enemy is in or what you should possess or not possess etc...nothing bothers you. It is easier said than done. But the more one starts to consciously move away from seeking material possessions or get away from thinking that in every meeting I will talk something and it should be heard and appreciated etc the more closer he/she gets to Nirvana.
The self ego drives our beliefs and actions..blaming luck is one form of defense which this ego has designed to protect that is nothing is wrong with self. A more effective form of defense is no defense. Don't carry negative thoughts as they stink like a dead fish. This is in the way of positive thinking. But don't carry too much positive thoughts of self as these are as poisonous as the negative thoughts as they create a artificial sense of superiority. Just take the day as it comes. Look at positive aspects of everyone and it is surely luck that you have them around as the experience you are getting is unique and cannot be experienced by someone else. But don't take an approach to blame luck when it is a failure as perceived by you or others as you are also equally lucky to experience this failure to share your learning with some one who has not. Therefore success in life is driven by 75% attitude, 24% hardwork and 1% reflection. Luck is in your attitude but it is completely under your control, so you cannot blame it.

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