Saturday, May 30, 2009

Knowledge convergence-a spiritual maturity!

Convergence of Technologies is a much hyped subject. There can be no doubt that the convergence of communication and Information Technology changed the world through Internet. I remember when I looked at amazement the "Two In One" (Radio and tape recorder) when I was young. But today's mobile phones are no doubt remaining to be mobiles but less of phones. The concept of having one equipment to be a camera, radio, music system, internet etc is such a powerful convergence that is changing the landscape of the world. On its way like computers overran typewriters ( and a brief life of electronic typewriters) SMS capabilities of mobile phones overran an interim invention called Pagers (I don't know how many remember them. I do remember as I got this in 1996 and had it for a year..I also remember my boss who will call sales people with a one hour notice to be in a particular place to check if indeed people are in field...a doubting boss is pain in every part as most will agree).
When reflect the technology convergence, I also think of convergence of Knowledge. There has been a gradual build of knowledge among not so very connected civilizations-from Indus Valley, Sumerian, Egyptian etc. Each civilization has acquired knowledge and passed on to next generation. Maybe it was not as easy as cut/paste technology of today but indeed a lot of hard work where some knowledge was lost but a lot of knowledge was polished and enhanced. Be it Astronomy, mathematics, science, engineering or medicine-each field of knowledge grew either independently or closely twined. The close twining was driven by philosophers who were looking at similarities between not so similar fields. So it is safe to assume that most of the greatest minds that gave knowledge breakthroughs for humanity are philosophers (that is one extra reason I have great interest in this field).
Philosophy without religion is very difficult to imagine as in most civilizations they were and are interlinked. For sure this is not exactly linked to definition of God as several mature philosophers recognized that a non believer of God belongs to the religion of Non Believers but is still a philosopher if he tries to find himself or find truth which helps mankind. Most great Philosophers were not great advocates of a particular religion. So several scientists who are actively involved in unlocking the puzzle of life or the power of mind are indeed philosophers in their own right.
Convergence of knowledge is a path to spiritual maturity is my firm belief. For example Case studies became an effective way to prove a particular course of treatment is working in medical field. They were emulated by Management courses as indeed even if the conclusions can be different there is a learning in each case study.This business cycle will provide enough fodder for case studies I am sure as most companies are loosing balance as they are too late to react.
Looking at similarity between radically different situations and getting a flash is the ability of great minds. This is the first clear sign of spirituality as it goes even above the Maslow's hierarchy as a crown. If someone wants to gain maturity in spirituality-there is just one thing they need to practice...convergence of knowledge. Don't oversimplify but Simplify as there is a common denominator for all life. Inventing something is important but inventing self is even more important.

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