Saturday, May 23, 2009

Motivate this complete?

People orientation is a lot discussed subject.Though there can be different opinions by researchers, this one aspect has an unanimous agreement-a great leader should be a people's person. To inspire people and to lead them is part of a leaders role. When there is an issue on hand, a crisis, a situation wanting a clear leadership role-then leaders emerge to guide and set the group on track. However in business as usual situation this need is less felt by the group as there is a strong belief that nothing can go wrong. This sense of security provides room for high inertia which will include a situation "Nothing seems to motivate people". Leaders have a tougher job to drive changes if this becomes an organization culture. The longer a company has survived and lesser crisis faced the more likely this culture will develop.
First let us address the subject " Motivate people" this really required is a question. For sure a leader has to create the right environment, clear objectives and backed with right resources..but if people are not motivated to deliver because of no explicit reasons then it is time to act. Usually HR will tell-apart from above we need Rewards and recognition programs which is very critical to drive changes. Yes..but R&R programs should be used with care as it sure motivates certain types of employees but not all. When motivation is a explicit question then usually work attitudes are also implicit question. Times like this are real opportunities to challenge work attitudes to create positive change. To look it from sustaining motivation using R&R is treating the symptoms and not holistic enough. For it takes years to change attitudes of people, especially when it is ingrained as an organization culture. But unless we make an effort it will remain as an Achilles Heal for the organization.

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