Saturday, August 8, 2009

Detached Leadership !

The topic of leadership is quite vast in knowledge as this is one of the several things human want to learn and become "one great leader" (scale maybe different). While there are several aspects to leadership I focus on the detachment as it has always been my favorite spot. A lot of research and proof indicates that compassion, commitment and humbleness are part of strong leadership traits. Intelligence, situational management and perseverance are others. There are also questions is a leader is born or situations make one. Whatever be the research questions there is one common denominator-sustainable leadership is about detached leadership. The fact that the leader does not think he is indispensable is made out in the detachment, the willingness of leader to develop second and third line is possible under such circumstances etc are some of the benefits which make leadership sustainable. There is a humbleness to the detachment-as the leader ensures he does not stand in the way of the achievement of the objectives of the group and also allows it to evolve democratically. He does not overuse his charisma or authority preserving it for much more dramatic situations. There is also less incentive for sycophants to grow as the leader does not encourage them by his detachment-so the mediocre does not find roots making leadership sustainable. Detachment is a form of delegation some would argue. But I say it is much more than that-it is a sense of security the leader has that he has a role and the role need not be forced in. A leader with a habit of delegation will not be successful if he is not detached as this ensures he does not micro manage. How much of detachment is a moot question-that is depending on the situation as usual. However detachment to leadership but attachment to the cause is critical. Result focused leaders never give up their thirst for results. Detached leaders should not view their detachment as away from the roots. They should still be approachable to commoners and feel comfortable to converse without sending a message to them that he can overrule his second line. Realizing that we are activated carbon with a soul and each human has an objective to deliver for being born is important. This realization will lead to detachment of too much self ego. This is the stepping stone of Detachment. So says several scriptures...but when power intoxicates a lot feel attachment than detachment and this is the start of the doom of leaders.

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Anonymous said...

Very interesting observations. Ramki, I am sure in the next few years your blog can be published as a book. I will be one of the earliest buyers of this...simple and effective.
Keep up the spirit and keep writing...mortals like me need some knowledge bits from people like you who have become seasoned beyond your age.
Best regards

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