Sunday, August 2, 2009

Healthy body=Healthy Minds?

We start to hear this very frequently when we reach 40 is absolutely true that at midlife one needs to revisit their lifestyles as reflected by eating, drinking, sleeping, working and playing habits. I have done this to ensure that I don't pay up more than I earn to the eagerly awaiting medical device companies or hospital industry (not hospitality industry though when I start to hear " Medical Tourism" as a marketing terminology I start to believe that the distinction is blurring). For sure Obama is reviewing the health care policies in US-fortunately inspite of pressure not many developing countries could afford to adopt the bad practices unlike the Financial engineering (innovations?) which hit everyone.
From an individual perspective I see Sweden to be more health conscious than several other countries. Since I live close to Botanical Garden in a path close to where most people Jog, I have developed a sense of inferiority complex looking through the window as irrespective of the time of the day there are people of different ages who keep running. However due to inadequacy of Sunlight, Sweden has a disproportionate number of people who suffer from varying degrees of depression. This made me think if indeed Healthy body=Healthy Minds as we naturally assume to be true. Coming to Healthy mind I remember my uncle who is active at the age of 78 leading a lot of social activity in Chennai. He organizes music programs, marriages of Gods, religious discourses. Whenever you meet him, he gives a ticket book asking to donate for some program he is co-ordinating. He smiles exposing his gums (as he lost his teeth 10 years ago) and takes criticism as a joke. He had a heart surgery at 65, diagnosed for high sugar at 70 and has some other smaller list of complications for which he says he eats half stomach as the other half should be filled by medicines.
I remember his daughter complaining to me 10 years ago that he rarely adheres to the guidelines of doctors-pounces on tasty diets without guilt etc. He refused to take sugar replacements as he said they taste horrible. He is going strong. Recently I sat through his introduction of an event-it was mind boggling. He had the skill to keep people of all ages interested with his wits which also gave me a perspective of his knowledge of technology. He was able to relate the events which happen in day to day (like watching a television serial at home to wrong email address deliveries etc). He personalized each of the incidents and created more interest. After this I talked to him on how he manages to keep such a healthy mind though his body is not so healthy. He replied" It is the mind which controls the body and not otherwise. If I stop doing what I am doing there is no point in body living. I have been a live wire and want to be one. Let the doctors treat bodies like inert machines and give advices. Nothing stops me as I know with the power of my mind I will be dynamic as always."
I asked him" How are you abreast of so many new things in technology? I don't see you read newspapers or internet?" He smiled again and said" I talk to people and listen to people of all ages. God has given the art of conversing and I use it to full extent." I kept quiet. There are people who read and get knowledge. There are people who talk and get knowledge. There are people who take rest once diagnosed for health problems hoping it will delay death. There are people who move faster to ensure they don't give appointment to death. Body is holistic and to fit in equations doesn't work is the message to conclude. Body and soul together should be healthy as they are one as long as we live. To generalize saying one is a precondition to another is a misconception. It is like calorie values governing food intake than the health aspects of the food. I need to close now as I need to start to Jog says my mind and my body says yes I enjoy it. So much to start Healthy living!

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Interesting counter thoughts...I don't think Sweden has less Sunlight in number of hours in a year but has prolonged periods of darkness in Autumn/Winter...Keep writing as it is really interesting and practical views.

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