Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3 Idiots-learnings

The success of the new film 3 Idiots is not surprising as it touches some key aspects of life in a very entertaining way. The aspect of not taking self seriously and live life in its true spirit is very clearly the message.
It is very true that a lot of middle class, disciplined parents think the children need a lot of help (X type of Management)including predeciding the line of specialization they will do. This may puzzle a lot of Westners who give complete freedom for their children to decide what they want to be (Y type of Management). The best model is probably a mixture of both (XY type of Management) styles.Coming back to the learnings fromt the movie-I personally think it is the simple facts of stupidity we take for granted being challenged in a most innocous way. There can be no denial of the rat race-a lot don't want to run it but know for survival they have to. So everyone is stressed but don't know how to stop others but fact is they can stop running. Success is defined in a particular way by society-how much one earns, how much assets, how many gadgets etc...but we forget the soul which is happy only when it does what it thinks makes it happy...not about others. It is true that inspite of the fact we talk a lot of family, friends finally we live life for ourself. Faking this will not achieve true success. Belief in self (as one idiot recognizes that praying for success is not a solution but accepting self is), follow the dream(as one idiot recognizes that it is photography not engineering his forte) and learn for creating something new than earn a degree(as one idiot shows what innovators stand for)...it is a complete package of learning. Not taking self seriously is the best way to avoid one's ego being hurt. And what better state than considering self as an Idiot. Sure it takes a lot of courage to proclaim self as an Idiot but once we do this we are much less under pressure from outside and listen to our inner voice. A first step to self realization and universal peace. No power quest, just knowledge quest and happy to fail mindset with a never give up attitude. Wow..I wish I learn to be an Idiot.

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