Thursday, January 14, 2010

Believer or an Atheist!!

The question of belief transmits from generation to generation as children are shaped with belief and cultural manners by parents when they are quite young. The shaping up is more rigorous in middle class family children than in upper class or under privileged class as there is lesser time parents have for children or some other extreme reasons of survival/freedom definitions.
Whatever be the bring up, the beliefs get questioned in Teenage. Several of them consider to be an Atheist at an extreme case or consider being neutral to beliefs of God/super natural elements. This is part of evolution of human mind but it is important to recognize that being an Atheist is also a form of religious belief and should be respected.
Social consciousness is a necessary sensitivity one should build during the Teenage evolution. If this is built very firmly and a person becomes an asset to the society he lives in by actively contributing to it then it does not matter if he remains a believer or an atheist. If a person becomes a believer (or a strict follower by social design/adaptation to his relatives/friends)with not developing a sensitivity towards the social causes then the person adds to the population and will probably remain an also existed category. The fact that the social consciousness and the realization that we are part of a whole and are connected with a responsibility is an essential condition to realize soul. The objective of any religion is to realize the divinity of soul and get the best out of human.
Attending Sermons, wearing religious symbols and reciting words with meanings not understood or internalized is probably a way to create a self image which can reflect what others want to see in us. But this neither helps self or others as it is not connected to the society we live in a positive/active way.
There is one more opportunity to review our actions and belief..this happens in the early forties. Questions from children and a trigger of dissatisfaction of constantly telling what is not fully accepted by our mind to them makes this review. Usually people ignore this or show out frustrations avoiding this disconnect. But a few take it seriously and try to find the truth of life. They make significant changes in life including trying to do something tangible to the society. They become calmer and more satisfied. Usually they are very approachable and emit positive energies. Don't wait for retirement to do the self introspection as options will be limited and maybe health will not co-operate as living a self deceptive life is surely more tiring.
Define success as what we do for society and then you seek the divinity within. You will find it sooner than later. God is within us and it takes some effort of giving back to the life HE has created to find HIS reflection and feel it.

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