Sunday, July 6, 2008

Aluminium Teachings!

What can Aluminium teach us you may think. 2300 years ago since Alumimium was very costly to make it was the premium metal for Emperors plates(Alexandar the Great is rumoured to have eaten in Aluminium plate..). Aluminium signified Royalness. As everything valuable at a point of time loses its value and becomes common place with time-Aluminium did become a poor man's utility. During second world war when the Aluminium again became in demand as Planes were made of them W.Churchil requested citizens of England to donate their Alumimium vessels-immediately there was flood of vessels. In a week the admin found it was too difficult to manage this flow...Churchill modified his request saying "Thanks for this and if someone still wants to contribute donate only damaged vessels"..people who wanted to donate damaged/dented their vessels and flow did not stop until Churchill said " I am impressed with your patriotism...please stop as we have divert our attention to handling this inflow than the war itself". Aluminium signified patriotism. Recently outside a temple I found a desperate beggar crying and searching for his plate...I asked his friend what happened. He told that someone stole his lucky(his first asset)plate and he is depressed due to this. He can afford to buy a new one but is really attached to the lost plate. Aluminium signified attachment. To different people Aluminium meant different things in different context. But this is what every object of desire means to everyone-it is we, our context and our perceptions which drive the emotions. If we are able to get this view atleast once in a while we are getting closer to self realization.

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