Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dispensable or otherwise!

It is not unusual in an organization that a Manager objects if his key resource is being taken away by another department though it is a growth for the employee. There are some extreme cases where the Manager tries to give back by taking a key resource from the other department to prove that he can be nasty. I have received requests from some to delay indefinetly the decision till there is an alternative or someone is developed to the person's competence. My answer to them is "If something is available we think about continuity, if it is suddenly gone new options open up quicker than we would have thought. Life is about seeing self as dispensable which if one recognizes there will be more peace". Time has gone when moving around with opportunities was viewed as "Rolling stones"..we should look at such people as moving rivers gathering knowledge as they move on. The noise of the river when it is in moutains (young river) subsides as it reaches the plains and enriches the banks as it moves on. This view will give talent management a more holistic approach and get over the narrow fears of department heads.
It takes courage to develop talent...more courage to give the developed talent to others.

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Ramki good to read about your comments. As usual your comments are too strategic for simple guys like us.

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