Thursday, July 10, 2008

Time Management!

There was a good friend who Innocently asked me if I am quite free nowadays. I asked him why does he think so? He replied " you reply to emails promptly, you have time to write blogs and you meet us whenever you come here. I am always busy. I have a backlog of emails, I feel 24 hours is not enough in a day. I appreciated his honesty. A lot of people who know me may also think the same way as my friend who verbalized it. To answer his question" Yes I am never busy". One of my known weakness is " I have never said no to new challenges or refused something because I did not have time...ofcourse this does not mean I never say no. If something is done just for going through the motions I have said No will say No.
Does this show I have a professional Time Management approach? Not really. Time management is about prioritizing and keeping an eye on the watch. Introspection says I am not conscious of both. So why is that I don't say I am busy. Maybe I don't feel insecure when I say I am not busy like several others. Or it may simply be I am a better Monkey manager or time stretches for me. Whatever it is we need to enjoy what we do....when watching a great football game before we realize it is half time. Will we tell we are busy for 45 minutes? Busy is associated with a Bee which has a focussed objective to get as much honey as possible. I am not sure it can describe a professional life of someone. I am not sure how it feels to be busy but not being busy is still not risky and is more a realistic description of our life in office as if someone tells me " I have 15 years experience in this and that" I try to find out if it is 1 year * 15 (learn in year 1 and spend the learning in rest of years keeping himself busy) or 15 years*1 (constantly learned every year in 15 years by keeping himself open). There maybe someone who may get upset with me comparing busy to being closed. But a person who tells he is extremely busy is missing opportunities and that is being closed as it is the mind which is telling him he is full as his soul is not hungry enough! So much for time management!

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