Thursday, July 3, 2008

Switch off guys!

I look at people who climb Mount Everest not for fame but for the joy of it...I see people in dangerous sports who enjoy the moments with energy. What drives these people? Why is that some of us are risk takers while some others are extremely safe players...I personally think it is a matter of attitude. Safe players are comfortable with explicit statement of assurance, stop any new thoughts if it challenges or creates new open questions and are in plenty in organizations (aren't you experienced with a single email stopping 3 months of work with no-one able to convince in black and white this is the right initiative) whom I call "Switch off" Guys. The only effective way to deal with these SO Guys is to tell them "I take responsibility for this will not be blamed". Fighting is futile. Passive aggression (I will elaborte in my next post) can only be fought by active aggression...One requires skill to practice active aggression without being called arrogant.Have a great weekend!

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