Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Experience is life!

I was reading a philosophical poem written as a man conversing with God. For everything(more than 20 questions) the man asks God says " feel it, experience it etc". Finally man asks God "If experience is life what are you?" God replies "I am the experience". The power of this thinking is "Godliness is within and it is for us to bring it out". I hear people say " He is good Manager. But when there is a crisis he is different and therefore we need to be careful". To be good in normal circumstances is no big effort. And therefore if someone is good at parties, casual interactions etc is no real color of true self. True self is revealed in a situation when something (own face,belonging etc) needs to be compromised in favor of someone else. There is a lot who do it unnaturally and regret having done it. If they carry stress of a good deed then they have not matured to handle the good deed. Therefore don't fake yourself to be good as it is not sustainable. If you feel for the team, for fellow human the positive vibrations are shown in your face and in every interaction. Experience is Life-make life positive by making your every experience positive as we need several such Ions to make a difference in this world. Today I heard that a person very close to me wanted to do something stupid by breaking self's family and also breaking someone else's family for egoistic reasons. Everyone comes under black out periods in life but self reflection helps to come out of such situations. There is just one simple task we should do everyday before we go to bed-think of the experience of the day when you made someone happy by doing something out of your way. This will ensure a happy sleep everyday as soul gets energy from such acts.

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