Monday, July 7, 2008

Passive Aggression!

I recent saw an Ad of a Calcium tablet-Winners have it in their Bones. Very powerful Ad!
If Passive Aggression can be promoted in a similar way we can say "Evasive People have it in their heart". To define passive aggression is quite simple " If everyone agrees and no-one moves forward with actions then you know you have the problem of passive aggression". Evasive actions will include after 3 meetings on the same topic rear guard actions like-we can start a six sigma project on this to see why we have not moved, we should rework the plan, probably we have a communication break down, there are too many projects etc. Reality is passive aggression exists in every company in different scale. More in a veteran company, less in a young company-but it exists as survivors have found that we need not move as fast it is said, let us wait and see if top management means what it says etc. Controlled chaos and active aggression are effective antidotes for this. Controlled Chaos can be created with a challenge of a big project given to the youngest executive for example challenging hierarchy. Active aggression is not about talking loudly or taking a fight-but it is about following up so rigorously that the Passive Aggression person feels deflection is not anymore possible. Symptomatic treatments don't help in culturally laid back organizations. If you are stuck with such an organization you are likely to catch up the sickness within 4/5 years as this is infectious. Therefore when you do your introsception also check if you are already a victim of this sickness. This is the killer of Execution Energies.

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That was a really well written..leena

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