Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chain mails!

A lot of people forward chain mails with a promise of fortune if chain is continued and a threat of danger if chain is broken. Someone asked me what is the science behind this-I think there is no science but only Human Psycho behind this. The chain letter will say forward to atleast 10 people or more. Even if one responds in this 10 the chain is alive. So with a 10% success rate the chain will spread. Some chain started in 2001 are still alive due to this reason. The belief that God exists in email photos or seeing something brings luck reflects how weak a person is as he has not found God in himself. Bringing our Godliness out is only possible when we search the truth beyond the mirage..Vedanta says that there is no sinner who should seek salvation as soul can never be impure...therefore if we are very sure of ourselves we will never forward a chain mail to start with or have courage to write to the chain mailer that he is yet to find his soul.

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